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METRO Day Pass - Regular Fare

METRO Day Pass - Regular Fare

If you want a registered METRO Day Pass card with balance protection in case you lose your card, check "Register Card" box below.

Price of Selected Passes: $0.00

Product Code: MDP-001

Dollars to Load:

Register your card:
Register card


You’ll receive a METRO Day Pass card which may be used on any of the following METRO services:

• Local bus*
• Park & Ride bus
• METRORail*
• METRORapid*
• METRO curb2curb*

* Local service

• Local service: $1.25 (discounted fare - 60 cents)
• Park & Ride bus: $2-8 (discounted fare - half price)

When using local services, the maximum daily amount deducted from a regular fare METRO Day Pass is $3.00. Once that amount has been deducted, you’ll be entitled to unlimited use of those local services for the rest of the day.

Card Benefits

• Free transfers between any METRO service of equal or lesser value for up to three hours in any direction
• For transfers to a service with a higher cost, only pay the fare difference for up to three hours in any direction
• Card balance protection, if card is registered

If you use a METRO Day Pass on Park & Ride services, the cost to ride doesn't get applied to the maximum deductions described above.