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METRO Veterans Pass

METRO Veterans Pass

To continue, you'll need scanned versions of the following:

  • Intended user's government-issued photo ID
  • Color copy of intended user's completed application, signed and stamped by the V.A.

View and download the application here

Product Code: MVP-001

User Details:



This pass provides qualified U.S. military veterans with free, unlimited rides on any of the following METRO services:

• Local Bus
• METRORapid
• Community Connector
• Park & Ride

To obtain this pass, you must complete an application and submit certain documents showing your status as at least one of the following:

1. A disabled veteran who has suffered, as a result of military service, at least 50% service-connected disability or 40% service-connected disability because of the amputation of a lower extremity.

2. A veteran who has earned a medal of valor: Air Force Cross, Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Purple Heart.